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I want to reserve a table at a restaurant during our trip, but all the times are already booked. Can ADR Sniper help?

Yes! Just tell ADR Sniper what you’re looking for and we’ll inform you as soon as a time slot in your search range becomes available.

What do I need to use ADR Sniper?

You must create an account, but you don’t have to pay a subscription fee. The system will allow you to configure a watch, and it will then present the price for a one-time watch. If you need many watches, elite members don’t have to pay to activate watches. Elite members are still subject to the 10-day universal watch quota.

Disney has not yet begun taking reservations for my intended dining dates. Can ADR Sniper help?

ADR Sniper is not yet useful for searches that have not already hit ADR day (that is, searches >= 180 days from today’s date). At the moment, ADR Sniper is primarily intended for those whose desired reservation date range is fully booked. This cannot be discerned before reservations for a given date open, so ADR Sniper is not a good solution for people planning to book on dates not yet available. If you find you were unable to obtain your desired date after the reservation book opens, ADR Sniper can help you recover your intended time.

How long does it usually take to find an open reservation?

The average time to find a reservation varies greatly based on individual search settings and crowd levels for the targeted dates. For a dinner for two on a medium crowd level day at a high-medium demand venue, there is typically about one opening every 24 hours. These openings are usually very short-lived.

Should a reservation not become immediately available, ADR Sniper will continue to check until your request is filled or until your search end date has passed.

How long do reservations typically remain open?

Most reservations for in-demand restaurants are gone 10-20 minutes after they become available. This is a very short time window, so rapid response to our notifications is critical.

Whitelist in your spam filter. Response time is critical to getting the reservation you want.

Can ADR Sniper help me reserve FastPasses for meal times or restaurants that don’t accept ADRs?

Not yet.

How many days can I monitor?

You can monitor up to 10 days at once, whether you’re an elite member or not. This restriction is in place to keep system load manageable and prevent reservation monopolization. A “day” is counted per watch; therefore, watching one date on one restaurant and the same date on another restaurant counts as two watched days, and you will have 8 days left.

Due to both technical and practical limitations, we will most likely never be able to accommodate a travel agent’s entire reservation backlog at once. Users should practice a strategy of rotation, maximizing the available watched days in their account and rotating out watches as desired ADRs become booked.

We are working on a program that will allow elite members to watch additional days.

Only 10 days at once? Is that really enough?

There are both practical and technical realities that require us to limit the number of days that can be watched at once by a single account, but it doesn’t have to seriously dampen your ability to get reservations. Reservations should be prioritized and difficult reservations should be placed in the Sniper first. Since it’s fairly common to find a result within 72 hours, there should be plenty of time to rotate all desired reservations in, even if you’re a travel agent performing searches for several clients.

Can I restrict my search to specific times?

Yes. Restricting your notification and automatic reservation time ranges on the watch creation or edit form effectively allows you to limit your search to specific times. You will only receive notifications if an available time is found within your parameters.

I got a notification, but the reservation was taken by someone else before I could respond. Will you continue to notify me?

Yes, you will be notified any time a reservation that matches your watch opens up until you manually disable the watch or until the desired timeframe of your search passes. There is no limit to the number of notifications emitted by a watch.

Can WDWTools guarantee a reservation will become available for the search settings I’ve selected?

No, we cannot guarantee that reservations will become available for your specific search. Our software informs us quickly when new openings become available, but we can’t create seats that don’t exist. All consumers should be advised that there are no refunds of any kind.

I’m not getting emails, not even in my spam folder.

Complain to your email provider. Some mail systems reject messages totally when they think they’re spam. AT&T and its subsidiaries (sbcglobal, bellsouth, etc.) are particularly notorious for this. Complaints from customers are the best way to make AT&T fix their systems. In the meantime, get a Gmail address and use that.

Are you scalping reservations?

No, absolutely not. We do not book any reservations. We only automate the manual function of checking Disney’s site repeatedly, and we focus on offering this service to travel agents who would otherwise have to spend hours on this grating, time-consuming manual process. WDWTools is run by professional infrastructure architects that work to ensure that our system is mutually beneficial to all parties, including Disney itself and ALL guests, including those who aren’t our customers. This is part of why we’ve been very deliberate about the expansion of our programs. WDWTools is the original ADR Sniping utility and has been in operation since December 2013. While some of our imitators have been less careful and scrupulous, we have and will always go to pains to ensure a healthy, positive experience for everyone with whom we come in contact.

I run a travel agency. Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes! We do offer bulk membership discounts for organizations or affiliations that may buy many memberships at once. Here’s how it looks:

WDWTools Elite Membership Bulk Discounts
Memberships Purchased Discount
5-15 10% off
16-25 15% off
25+ contact

Here are some important notes on purchasing elite memberships in bulk:

  • Contact to receive group code before you buy to instantaneously access the discount
  • Memberships must be purchased on the same date using the same group discount code to qualify
  • Accounts purchased with group codes that don’t meet the agreed-upon volume within 24 hours will be disabled until the price difference is paid
  • Standard limitations for cumulative and simultaneous watched days remain on each account
  • Bulk purchases need not be from a commercial organization; friends can band together and buy memberships with the same group code near-simultaneously to get savings. Just email for a group code before you buy.
  • If you forget to get a group code before you buy, you can email and have it applied retroactively to your account. Bulk discounts can still be granted if a qualifying number of memberships belonging to a group are purchased within a 24-hour time period. The discount will be returned as a credit on the payment method used.

We are also developing an agency backend that will allow agencies to buy multiple seats at once, apply those seats to different email addresses as agents come and go, and monitor the progress and performance of an agent’s ADR watches.

Agencies are encouraged to obtain a group code to buy from us to ensure that all individual accounts become agency-affiliated when the agency control panel is complete. A group code can be generated and used even if the purchase does not qualify for bulk discounts.

Can I use ADR Sniper to find ADRs for dining events like Tomorrowland Terrace Dessert Party or dining shows like the Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue?

Yes! Most dining events and shows are supported now. If you find something that’s missing, please email us and let us know.

How can I optimize my use of ADR Sniper?

In general, these things are great helps to using ADR Sniper successfully. Many of these tips are equally applicable to finding ADRs the old-fashioned way.

  • Watch dates as far out as you can. This ensures maximal availability of desirable meal times.
  • Make sure your spam filters are configured appropriately. Whitelist Some users miss reservations become notifications get redirected to their spam box.
  • Enable SMS notifications.
  • Smaller party sizes are much easier to accommodate. While you can search for any party size, it is rare that parties of more than 4 or so can find a reservation at popular locations, and reservations for 2 open up most frequently. Some park-goers have had success booking multiple ADRs for smaller parties at the same time and combining them into a single large party.
  • Check your email frequently. Make sure you use an email address with easy accessibility any time of the day. Many reservations are open for only a few minutes. (This can be alleviated by our automatic booking functionality, which will release soon.)
  • Flexible schedules. Many bookings that become available are for fringe meal times.
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